Friday, November 20, 2009

Seagrass headaches!

Image from Cote de Texas

I am having major problems with seagrass. I would love to have wall to wall seagrass carpeting installed in my bedroom and upstairs hallway. However, I can't get anyone to do it! After three visits to carpet's just not happening??!!

I love the clean look of seagrass and after reading beautiful blogs like Cote de Texas I have become a bit obsessed. I have had a seagrass area rug in my bedroom for a while which I love. But I had never realized you can have it installed wall-to-wall. Maybe that because in NY, you can't!

Image from Southern Living

During my first visit to the carpet store, the salesman was horrified by my request and kept asking what my husband thought. I informed him that my husband was fine with it and that we already had a seagrass area rug. He then became concerned about "bringing romance" to my bedroom which, according to him, seagrass would certainly not do. After insisting, he showed me some samples, I chose the one I wanted, and he promised to call me the next day with pricing. Never heard from him again...even after repeated phone calls.

Image source unknown

So, I tried again. During my second carpet store visit, I again met with a salesman who was horrified with my seagrass request. He then suggested I go for some commercial carpeting like they use in offices because it is so durable. thanks!
After again insisting on seeing samples, he also promised to call with pricing. He also mysteriously disappeared after repeated phone calls.

Windsor Smith Livng Room

So. I tried a third time. While this salesman showed me the samples I requested right away, he also thought I was pretty crazy. He first asked me if I was into 80's style decor.
Then he asked me if I was going for a Japanese look., even though I like Asian design influence.
Finally, he asked me if I has an indoor/outdoor bedroom. Ok...seriously? Who has an indoor/outdooor bedroom? Especially in NY?
Needless, to say, he will also not return my calls.

Image from Pottery Barn

So it looks like I won't be getting my seagrass anytime soon! I guess I have to move to Houston.

Image from Velvet and Linen

Anyone living in NY who has wall-to-wall seagrass installed? I would love to know someone who would do it!


  1. Ohmygosh don't you just hate it when you keep running into "road blocks" like that! I hope you find the right place eventually - sorry, I can't help. I think your blog is wonderful and am adding you to my list of favorites! Thank you for your comment on my painting dilemma! I "stole" a few of your images for my files in hopes of copying them one day - the yellow slip covers on the dining chairs in particular - from another post, I think. Thanks!!

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