Thursday, November 19, 2009

Amy D. Morris

I was going through my kitchen file this morning as we are going to start our kitchen remodel soon and I came across the photo of this beautiful kitchen. I had it labeled as Amy D. Morris, so I decided to google her name.

Turns out she is a designer in Atlanta. Her website has beautiful photos of her work. Enjoy!

I love everything about this entryway!

Love these yellow chairs and those prints on the wall.

Great sconces and fantastic sink and faucet.

Love this bedroom!

Love how she framed all of those antique corkscrews. What a great idea for a corkscrew collection!

What an inviting family room. Love the mix of neutral colors and those linen shades!


  1. Hi Christine. Really like her style..thanks for the great photos! Trish

  2. Love her designs too! Enjoying reading your blog.

  3. Wonderful - love the symmetry in her style. Thanks for sharing. Must go back to her files.