Monday, November 16, 2009

About me

A little over 2 years ago, I discovered blogs. The first blog I encountered was Cote de Texas and lucky for me, I found one of the best! Joni and her informative, beautiful posts got me hooked on reading blogs!

I have wanted to start my own blog for the past year but have been a little apprehensive about it. The blogs out there are so amazing I am not sure how I can ever compete....but here goes nothing!

So first....a bit about me- I love everthing about home and garden design. I was a teacher for a few years, but now I run a construction company with my husband and dream about being a designer. For now I satisfy my cravings with experimenting on my own home and garden and occasionally helping out friends and family.

I have always loved everything French and and my style is influenced by French design and culture....especially French antiques! I love antiquing and flea marketing and adding new pieces to my home.

Right now I make my home in a small farmhouse which we are slowly renovating inside and out to make it our own. The carpenter/contractor husband comes in very handy for this part!

Hopefully I will find a few readers who enjoy House & Garden Style and are able to find even a part of the inspration that I have found through other blogs!

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  1. Congrats for taking the leap to blog. You are off on the right foot!!!